About Betsoft’ Pinocchio Slot

Pinocchio is an online slot game with a 96.5% RTP and 5 reels that takes you through the various locations of school or on stage, depending upon how far your Fairy Godfathers will take them!

Maximum Payout

Pinocchio is a low-stakes game with an easy-to-understand ruleset. The minimum betting range of 0.02 coins and 75 makes it perfect for those who want entertainment without any hassle or financial risk while also including features that keep you interested in playing longer! You can win up 2 coins per pay line if symbols appear simultaneously alongside each other, which multiplies your chances of winning big when using these bonuses.

How to Play and Special Features to Utilize

Some symbols on this slot machine’s reel include an older man with a long nose, Geppetto, also known as Pinocchio’s wooden father and some other fascinating creatures from classic stories.

  • Pinocchio’s workshop,
  • The puppet stage, and
  • The classroom

The game has three worlds where you unlock the next level by getting 10 symbols that fill up your stage meter. The workshop is where all these wagons and books are found, so it’s important to gather them before moving on! You can’t enter a new world until enough progress has been made in this one – but if things aren’t going well, then there might not be any options left…

When the Geppetto symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 in a game of slots, you can activate its wild scroll feature, which will spin all remaining characters until they stop spinning or get proven. This gives other winning combinations that are possible through this special power-up!

Maximum Payout

The classic story of Pinocchio is turned into a slot game you can play on your phone! In this version, players must collect five wooden boy symbols to make him become real-life sized and then they have access to all other wild symbols except scatter. When he becomes larger than life size again by collecting 5 more wooden Boys, the player will return to his original form as if nothing happened.

With no possible x5 winning combinations, a fairy companion appears on Reels 1 through 3 to give you better odds of landing some sweet prizes!

Matching 3 symbols could get you a payout between 5 and 20 coins, while 4 or more matches will give payouts ranging from 15 to 75 cents.

Maximum Payout

You can enjoy the different features offered by modes or worlds with a range of payouts, including 140K coins for maxing out your winnings. The RTP is high at 96%.

Play for Free or for Real Money

Those who want to play a game of Blackjack without spending money can do so on numerous websites. There’s even an easy-to-use accessible mode that allows you to get started with nothing more than your credit card or opening a bank account! If playing for real cash isn’t enough, however – the minimum bet is set low at only 0 .02 coins per hand (and there are no maximum bets).

Pinocchio slot is the perfect game on your desktop computer. With its compatibility with iPhones, iPads and tablets, and smartphones using Android or iOS, this fun-filled software will keep you entertained for hours!


The Pinocchio video slot game is a great way to get your fantasy fix. It features 3 different worlds and has two modes, offering variety that will keep you interested in this fun-filled virtual world for hours on end! The betting range offers fair odds with minimum bets at 0.02 coins per line or clicks of the mouse button (depending upon which option players choose), while a maximum of 75 coin deposits make sure there are no high-stakes gambling moments here – just good old fashion winning every time). And don’t forget about how much more interesting these games become when they include wild symbols like “fairies” who appear anywhere from paylines 2 through 5 during gameplay; These little magical creatures may help win big prizes if lucky enough to come across them.