Ogre Empire Slot Overview

Betsoft’s latest release, the fantasy-themed slot machine “Ogre Empire,” takes us to a new world of kings and queens. This 5 reels 25 pay line video casino game features an angry big green ogre who goes crashing through town with his massive club while only being awake during daytime – so players must make their best out each night when he naps! The sun symbols will activate whichever mode you choose (day or night), but moon tokens may also do this by changing which set they are currently playing in addition to 20 free spin rounds after every win; where applicable).

Game Symbols: Mode-Specific

Ogre Empire Special Features

The regular symbols in this slot game are the Wild Flower which replaces all other reels’ icons to help create winning combinations, an Ogre symbolized by its club and A-J playing cards. There’s also a plate of jeweller’s gold jewelry adorning with diamonds alongside stone Amethystine.

Ogre Empire Special Features

Ogre Empire Day Mode

The sun symbol rises on the reels, and you choose to try your luck with an Ogre. A win during this mode will earn four times what’s at stake; find a Sun Bloom Wild Flower for it! Watch as these plants grow into nearby symbols, turning them wild–the daytime Smashes what we should look out for when they come up: When The Ogres Smash begins replacing crushed stone slots to make more winning Combinations… new ones return destroyed pieces instead of clattering down like before.

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The Ogre Empire Night Mode

When the moon is in its full glory, townsfolk can get out and go about normal activities without worry. You’ll earn six times your stake when a win occurs! The King & Queen will appear on screens with royal appearances that lead to big wins; 2x multiplier for any clearing containing both crowns or jacks- including Joker symbols appearing from Ace cards placed next apart at 3 positions each time (Joker comes up twice). Queens also pop up behind other goddesses giving players who land three of them individual prizes.

Head or Tail?

The game is all about gambling and winning. You can gamble until you hit the high limit or lose everything if it goes wrong! But there’s always an option for half your fortune, so that doesn’t have to be wasted.


Welcome to the world of high roller slots! If you like getting your hands on big money, this game has something for everyone. You can bet as little at $0.25 per spin or go all in with a maximum stake up until 29 800 dollars if playing against an RTP 95%.

Why Play Ogre Empire?

The game has different modes depending on what time of day it is, with winners being awarded during both day or night games using special bonuses that frequently appear throughout each round like multipliers to boost your score quickly when needed most- especially if you’re short terminated!