Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Zachary L’Heureux


Skills Summary

“L’Heureux is a polarizing prospect for many. Not a big fan of his game outside of the 35 feet from top of circles to boards in the o-zone. The effort is spotty, decision making is questionable, passing is inconsistent. Also, not a big fan of his skating. Gets caught leaning a lot, not moving his feet, looks heavy & slow on his skates. Other times when he’s really on, he shows good speed & acceleration but it goes back to his skating & work ethic being too inconsistent right now. His strengths are really inside the circles & down low. Good shot & release. Quick hands on tips and rebounds. Can stickhandle. Fights for space, plays a power game. Strong in puck protection. Not a real threat off the rush, more of a gain zone and setup type.….

L’Heureux style reminds me a lot of Alex Killorn in the NHL (who ironically is from Halifax). I don’t see an elite player but if he improves in some areas (especially consistency) he could develop into a solid NHL’er. Looks like a 2nd-4th rounder depending on how much he improves over the course of the season

—— Sean Patrick Ryan 11/30/20

I’m not that high on L’Heureux right now. I think he has a good set of hands and a great shot both with accuracy and velocity. He can receive passes easily, whether its off his skate and up to the stick or on his backhand. His skating is average at best and his effort from shift to shift is incredibly inconsistent. L’Heureux will get caught a few times making too many moves and can make some horrific decisions resulting in chances going the other way. He has a good amount of skill, but I think his game will struggle to translate. He is at his best when he is moving the puck with passing instead of carrying it and sneaking into soft zones of the ice opening for a shot, L’Heureux also contains good finishing ability. For now, he’s a very high risk player in my eyes and I don’t think he is worth a first round pick at the moment.

—— Spencer Pomoty 12/02/20