Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Xavier Bourgault


Skills Summary

“I’m still a bit torn on Bourgault, but I’m pretty sure I like him a lot. His strengths are shooting (he’s a terrific finisher), and his hockey IQ. He makes a lot of good decisions & creative plays with the puck. I’ve also noticed a lot of smart, subtle plays that not many prospects make. His work ethic can lack at times, but for the most part it’s pretty good. He reminds me a lot of his teammate Vasily Ponomarev (2nd rd pick, 2020). Not real fast but quick in short spaces. Great edges. Pono was more of a puck possession guy whereas Bourgault is more the pure shooting type.

“That being said, Bourgault is one of the oldest players in this draft and his speed & acceleration are not great. They could hinder him at the next level if he doesn’t improve significantly. Consistency is also an issue. Sometimes he shows up as a 200 foot player – sometimes he doesn’t. He has excellent offensive tools & instincts and is one of the smartest players I’ve seen so far but he has flaws. I could see him drafted anywhere between late 1st to 3rd round right now.

—— Sean Patrick Ryan 12/04/20