Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Peter Reynolds


Skills Summary

“I don’t believe Reynold’s production reflects his game completely. Reynolds is a great transporter of the puck, whether it’s with his strong skating ability or using his passing. He produces a ton of exits and entries because of this amazing asset. He’s solid in all three zones, providing consistent support and coverage for his players. He does need to gain some strength, as he can get knocked around sometimes. Reynold’s provides constant pressure on both the forecheck and backcheck which leads to him creating turnovers and opportunities the other way. For his size, he can be a surprisingly solid puck possession player, using his skating and hands combination to maintain puck control. He is a great playmaker with some solid vision and is constantly setting up teammates. I believe his production will start to ramp up a bit.”

—— Spencer Pomoty 12/01/20