Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Olivier Nadeau


Skills Summary

“Nadeau might be the best example of a true power forward in this league’s draft class. He’s very strong on the puck and likes to throw his weight around. He’s a little heavy in his skating stride but it is powerful & his speed is above average. I love the energy & passion he plays with and he has sneaky good skill. He’s capable of dangling defenders just when you think he’s lowering his shoulder and going to bully you. He’s also an excellent passer which highlights his vision & IQ. He makes good reads in all 3 zones. I’ve noticed he does tend to wear down in games but love his what he brings every night”

“Not sure why he isn’t on many people’s lists but Nadeau is a very intriguing prospect for me. He needs to work on conditioning & could use another step or two but there is plenty to like about this prospect. He’s smart, physical & has some sneaky good skill. Perfect complimentary winger. I’d say he’s a 3rd-5th rd pick right now “

—— Sean Patrick Ryan 12/02/20