Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Manix Landry


Skills Summary

Extremely active, energetic winger who’s good in all 3 zones. Landry brings a lot NHL translatable skills to the table: Excellent work ethic, high hockey IQ, strong skating, reliability as a 200 foot player. Soft hands, processes the play quickly. Very deceptive with misdirection & fakes. Wrist shot & release are hard & accurate. Above average puck skills & creativity. Needs to get bulk up and get stronger on his skates, but not afraid to get physical. Finishes checks. Captain of his team. Leads by example. Reminds me a lot of Dawson Mercer in his draft year. Checks all the boxes for a 1st rounder”

—— Sean Patrick Ryan 11/30/20

Great 200-foot player applies pressure in all three zones and causes a lot of turnovers while doing this. As soon as creating a turnover, he can do something with the puck. He’s got some good hands and can make hard passes look easy. Landry can also fire the puck, the amount of flex he generates allows him to do this. His skating is excellent, this helps him be a solid possession player with the way he can hold off opposing checkers. Only knock I have about his skating is that his top gear isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, but that’s nothing to worry about. Very smart player as well, supports and fills in for teammates consistently. He can play all three forward positions and plays on both specialty units. Landry also wears the C for Gatineau, expect him to start putting up some more points.

—— Spencer Pomoty 12/02/20