Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Justin Robidas


Skills Summary

“Robidas is a hard working player who’s stronger than his size indicates. He’s a terrific 200 foot player who plays a very intelligent & energetic all-round game. His skating is excellent overall. He has a real strong lower body & shows tremendous balance. He’s tough to knock off the puck and does a great job in protection. The key weapon in his arsenal is his wrist shot which is heavy & accurate. He also has excellent offensive instincts. He’s good at finding open spots on the ice & has the hands to make a quick pass. He’s also an smart player who reads the play extremely well….

However, positioning can be an issue & lack of ideal size is a factor. He can get caught running around in puck pursuit & trailing the play too much. Plus, not too many 5’7″ centers in the NHL so will likely be switched to wing in the pros. He definitely reminds me a bit of Vincent Trocheck though with how strong he is on his skates & tenacious on the puck. That being said, I don’t necessarily consider him a 1st round talent. Likely going to overachieve in Junior due to the pace he plays, but not sure any one skill is elite. More of an ideal 2nd-3rd round guy for me

—— Sean Patrick Ryan 11/30/20

“Robidas stands at 5’7, 173 lbs, but he doesn’t play like it at all. He brings a great two-way game as a center, providing you with solid effort in all three zones. Robidas is a great skater, he keeps a wide base which helps with him keeping puck control as well as balance, he also likes to stick his inside leg out a bit to protect the puck even more. The small center always keeps his feet moving, he’s got some great ozone movement, but he can also slide into the quiet areas of the ice opening for a shot. His IQ is pretty good, but he can sometimes leave the zone a bit early, instead of supporting his wingers. Other than that, his dzone play is very solid and rarely gets caught puck watching. He’s a pass first player and keeps his game simple when moving up the ice.”

—— Spencer Pomoty 12/02/20