Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

By Spencer Pomoty


Both Dylan Holloway and Philip Broberg played today. Sweden was up 2-0 early against the Finns but lost 3-2 after dominating the first half of the game. Canada faced off against the Czech’s today and won 3-0. They didn’t look as good as you would have thought though and that does worry me a bit when they face the Russians.

Philip Broberg’s tournament has come to an early end. He was amazing in his first game, collecting three assists and was named player of the game. After that things went downhill fast. He was playing injured and you could tell he wasn’t himself after that first game.

Broberg gave a heartfelt interview after the loss. It was in Swedish so I couldn’t tell what he was saying, but tears filled his eyes. I hope he can just get healthy and return to the SHL at 100%.

As for his game today, I enjoyed his second period. He was moving around the offensive zone looking to create lanes to receive or give a pass. He also had a fake shot move that caught the defender and Broberg just skated by him. I would love to see him do this more, adding some manipulation to his game would be massive. In the end, he probably fell short of expectations, but when he was looking healthy he was playing excellent.


Dylan Holloway is moving onto the semifinals. He played yet another well rounded game but didn’t get on the scoresheet. Like usual, he found different ways to impact the game positively, whether it is winning a board battle, supporting a teammate, or retrieving the puck on a forecheck.

It would be nice for him to get rewarded a bit more for his play. He made an incredible play in his own zone; he was the first forward back, won a board battle, and made a great pass to the middle leading to a controlled zone exit. In the third period he joined a line with Zary and Pelletier, they had a good last half of the third. Not a big fan of the line juggling still, no clue where he’ll start next game, but it won’t matter as Holloway will continue to play his game.  


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