Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

By the OilKnight 11/14/20

Due to popular demand, the Scouting reports after games will continue. I really appreciate all the support from fans on Twitter and in DM’s. I know it sucks when you can’t watch your favourite players play, so I will try and help fill that void with detailed breakdowns & highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Tonight Wisconsin played the 2nd game of a back to back. Prized prospect Dylan Holloway was the main feature for this once again. I didn’t think he had quite as strong a game as last night, but he finished strong and got the GWG which is the sign of a great player. Even when you’re not 100% on your game, you still find ways to contribute.

That being said, there will be many highs and lows throughout the season both for he, and other prospects I will profile. Keep that in mind if all the reports are exactly “glowing” each time. It’s all about progression and development so I’ll continue to try and call things like I see them and without bias. Hopefully, you enjoy them.


The Holloway GWG courtesy of @HeresYourReplay on Twitter:



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