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By the OilKnight 10/22/19

Welcome to our weekly update on CHL prospects. Here are the leading scorers among all 3 leagues for the 2020 draft eligibles & 16 yr old CHL rookies.

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After going the first 9 games with only 1 goal (ENG), Cole Perfetti has appeared to have finally found his scoring touch on the Powerplay at least. He registered 4 goals & 13 points in the last 4 games to bring him within 3 points (24) of Quinton Byfield for the overall OHL lead for 2020 draft eligibles (27). 

His numbers however, are still a bit misleading. Of the 5 goals Perfetti has scored so far this season, 4 of them have come on the powerplay while the other was an empty netter. In fact, all 4 of the PP goals all came from the same spot – inside the right circle. Take away the powerplay and Perfetti has 1 goal & 10 assists even strength. To compare, Byfield has 10 even strength goals & 20 even strength points already. 

This is not to say Perfetti isn’t a top notch talent because he is. Perfetti has dynamite hands with that quick shot & release is a threat to score anywhere inside 25 feet. He also has great hockey IQ & is capable of making some terrific passes in tight lanes. In terms of NHL translatable skills though, it is important to note that speed & explosiveness are clearly lacking in his game and that might ultimately hurt him come NHL draft day in June. He scores a lot of his goals while not moving his feet much. 

Perfetti does not create a lot off the rush and appears to be a winger at the next level as opposed to a center. He’s more of a complimentary winger than a driver. His offensive skill-set is very reminiscent of Arthur Kaliyev right now. He’s that type of offensive threat. Both score in a similar fashion (stationary snipes as I call it) in similar spots (right circle). The difference right now is Perfetti appears to have better habits, and makes better decisions on the ice. 

In terms of projections and comps, one could argue at this point Cole Perfetti is Arthur Kaliyev with a higher hockey IQ and minus the red flags right now. Which means, he should still be a very hot commodity come draft day despite the lack of top end speed & explosiveness. 

2002-08-19CQuinton Byfield13111627OHLSudbury
2002-01-01 C Cole Perfetti 13 5 19 24 OHL Saginaw
2002-01-18 CTyson Foerster 118917OHLBarrie
2002-04-08RDJamie Drysdale1251217OHLErie
2001-09-25 CJaromir Pytlik 1251116OHLSSM
2001-09-25 CMarco Rossi 641115OHLOttawa
2002-04-05CTy Tullio 117714OHLOshawa
2002-03-19 RDJack Thompson 136713OHLSudbury
2002-04-15RWJacob Perreault 1041014OHLSarnia
2002-02-13 RWOliver Suni 1141014OHLOshawa
2002-02-21 RWLuke Evangelista 93811OHLLondon
2002-05-16 LDRyan O’Rourke 125510OHLSSM
2001-09-24 RWHayden Fowler 105510OHLErie
2001-09-19 RWJack Quinn 114610OHLOttawa
2002-01-08 RDRuben Rafkin 111910OHLWindsor
2002-01-18LWJames Hardie10639OHLMississauga
2002-02-05 LWAntonio Stranges 9549OHLLondon
2002-06-20 C Evan Vierling 92 79 OHL Flint
2002-05-13 CJean-Luc Foudy 11459OHLWindsor
2002-01-12LDDonovan Sebrango10178OHLKitchener
2002-06-09 RWCameron Butler 12437OHLPeterborough
2002-05-02 LW Will Cuylle 11167OHLWindsor
2002-03-14RWReid Valade6325OHLKitchener


Francesco Pinelli and Mason McTavish continue to battle it out for top spots in this group. Both are highly intelligent players with great offensive instincts and excellent work ethics. 25+ goals looks like a lock for both at this point.

2003-04-11 C/LW Francesco Pinelli 116511OHLKitchener
2003-01-30CMason McTavish128311OHLPeterborough
2003-03-29 RWChase Stillman 13549OHLSudbury
2003-06-19 RWEthan Burroughs 10459OHLOwen Sound
2002-10-10 RWAvery Hayes 12358OHLHamilton
2003-01-05 LWBrennan Othmann 10448OHLFlint
2003-06-07 CBrett Harrison 11257OHLOshawa
2003-02-09 RDBrandt Clarke 11077OHLBarrie
2003-01-05 CBraeden Kressler 10246OHLFlint
2003-06-13CFrancesco Arcuri11156OHLOwen Sound
2003-01-21 CConnor Lockhart 12156OHLErie

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Remember when Quinton Byfield had a 5 point lead over Alexis Lafreniere this season? Me neither. Lafreniere has simply been on a tear since then racking up 34 points in 13 total games. He already has FOUR 4-point games this season and is coming off a 5 point game in his last outing. Clearly, if he stays healthy he will destroy everyone else in his draft class in  points. Sidney Crosby scored 2.71 pts/game in his draft year (168 pts total in 62 games). Lafreniere is at 2.62 pts/game right now and on pace for 162 points in 62 games (assuming he misses time for World Juniors). 

Dawson Mercer meanwhile, leads all CHL draft eligibles in goals with 12 in 13 games. As mentioned previously, he is a late 2001 birthday but has an NHL shot and plays in all situations. He has 3 shorthanded points already along with 7 PP points. He’s got good size, is versatile and knows how to score. Looks like a shoe-in as a Top 62 pick at this point. 

2001-10-11 LW Alexis Lafreniere 1310 24 34 QMJHL Rimouski
2001-12-02RWRyan Francis1361622QMJHLCape Breton
2001-10-27 RW Dawson Mercer 13121022QMJHLDrummondville
2002-01-08 CMavrik Bourque 128715QMJHLShawinigan
2002-06-02 LDJeremie Poirier 136915QMJHLSaint John
2002-03-27 LDLukas Cormier 1341115QMJHLCharlottetown
2002-02-09 CHendrix Lapierre 1211213QMJHLChicoutimi
2002-03-20 RDWilliam Villeneuve 1321012QMJHLSaint John
2002-04-29 CPatrick Guay 136511QMJHLSherbrooke
2002-01-21LWElliot Desnoyers124711QMJHLMoncton
2002-02-24 RDCharlie Desroches 1311011QMJHLSaint John
2002-03-13 CVasily Ponomaryev 11538QMJHLShawinigan
2002-06-14 CSenna Peeters 13628QMJHLHalifax
2002-01-25 LWDawson Stairs 13358QMJHLSaint John
2002-01-28RWJosh Lawrence13358QMJHLSaint John
2001-11-15 RD Justin Barron 13156QMJHLHalifax
2002-02-20CTheo Rochette3022QMJHLChicoutimi
courtesy of Prospect Film Room on Youtube


Isaac Belliveau continues to rack up the points especially on the Powerplay where he now has 10 in 13 games. Playing on the top powerplay unit with Lafreniere likely means he will lead all QMJHL defenders in points this season. 

Joshua Roy who was the 1st overall pick in the 2019 QMJHL draft is now up to 7 points in 13 games. He has such great offensive instincts and his confidence continues to improve. It won’t be a surprise at all if he ends up topping this list by seasons end. 

Zachary Bolduc has 4 points in his last 3 games

2002-11-26LDIsaac Belliveau1321618QMJHLRimouski
2003-05-15 LWZachary L’Heureux 127815QMJHLMoncton
2003-05-01 CJames Malatesta 129211QMJHLQuebec
2003-01-04CZachary Dean14459QMJHLGatineau
2003-08-06CJoshua Roy13527QMJHLSaint John
2002-02-24CZachary Bolduc8527QMJHLRimouski
2003-0325 CRiley Kidney 12257QMJHLAcadie-Bathurst
2003-05-14CCole Huckins12336QMJHLAcadie-Bathurst
2003-03-13CJustin Robidas13235QMJHLVal-D’Or

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Connor Zary continues to not only lead the WHL draft eligibles in points, but the entire WHL with 20 points now in only 12 games. His 63 shots on goal are also tied for tops in the league though he only has 5 goals (15 assists).

Meanwhile, Pavel Novak has developed some nice chemistry with Tampa Bay 1st rounder Nolan Foote in Kelowna. Novak has a very good shot and release and is now up to 5 goals and 8 assists on the season tied for 2nd in WHL among 2020 draft eligibles.

Jake Neighbours in Edmonton continues to get a ton of chances and is up to 12 points in 12 games. He has 4 points in the last 3 games including 16 shots on goal.

Kasper Puutio, who was the 1st overall pick in the 2019 WHL draft, has picked up his game offensively. He had 3 assists on Tuesday vs. Prince George and is now up to 8 points in 12 games.

2001-09-25 CConnor Zary 1251520WHLKamloops
2002-04-16RWPavel Novak115813WHLKelowna
2002-03-09 RWOzzy Wiesblatt 113 10 13 WHL Prince Albert
2002-03-24 CJustin Sourdif 126612WHLVancouver
2002-02-01 CSeth Jarvis 104812WHLPortland
2002-03-29 LW Jake Neighbours 1221012WHLEdmonton
2002-01-27 RWSimon Knak 104711WHLPortland
2001-11-15CTristen Robins14459WHLSaskatoon
2002-01-18 LDKaiden Guhle 11279WHLPrince Albert
2002-09-02CJack Finley11279WHLSpokane
2002-02-10LWKyle Crnkovic14448WHLSaskatoon
2002-06-25 RWConnor McClennon 11358WHLWinnipeg
2002-06-03RDKasper Puutio12178WHLSwift Current
2002-08-16CMichal Gut9347WHLEverett
2002-01-25 LWCross Hanas 10347WHLPortland
2002-01-19RWPayton Mount9167WHLSeattle
2001-09-20 RDBraden Schneider 12167WHLBrandon
2002-05-15 LDDaemon Hunt 11077WHLMoose Jaw
2001-12-23LWTyson Upper11336WHLPrince George
2002-08-08CRidly Greig9246WHLBrandon
2001-11-10 LWKyrell Sopotyk 9246WHLKamloops
2002-04-27LWKeanu DeRungs9235WHLVictoria
2001-11-28RWLukas Svejkovsky8224WHLVancouver
2002-08-02LDRonan Seeley11022WHLEverett


Ryder Korczak is now tied for 4th in WHL scoring while Cole Sillinger is just 1 point behind him with 15 points. Both players are pivotal members of their teams already. Korczak is a late 2002 birthday while Sillinger is 8 months younger.

Carson Lambos is still 3rd in points with 9 in 11 games and continues to impress with his terrific skating and puck moving ability. He scored 2 goals on Saturday vs. Saskatoon and appears to be gaining confidence every game.

2002-09-23CRyder Korczak1151116WHLMoose Jaw
2003-05-16 CCole Sillinger 128715WHLMedicine Hat
2003-01-14 LDCarson Lambos 11459WHLWinnipeg
2003-01-27 LWEric Alarie 11358WHL Moose Jaw
2003-04-10 LWZack Stringer 9156WHLLethbridge
2003-02-06CLogan Stankoven12426WHLKamloops
2003-04-10RWDylan Guenther12235WHLEdmonton

We will be providing you updates every week so be sure to check back every Monday or Tuesday for updated stats and highlights!