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What a day. Despite numerous reports WEEKS before the draft by several sources that Edmonton was going to draft Swedish defenceman Philip Broberg, I was convinced it was all a smokescreen in an attempt to convince another team to jump the Oilers or offer them a deal to trade down. After all, who tells all other 30 teams who they are drafting ahead of time? What advantage is there to that? If anything, you open yourself up to having a team actually jump you in the draft order and steal your pick. Makes no sense but in the end, that was exactly what happened and I was dead wrong.


Oilers draft Broberg 8th overall

Look, despite some negative reaction on Twitter, I’ve got nothing against the player personally. I just believe in the BPA philosophy and in my unprofessional opinion – it was the wrong move. He wasn’t the best player on the board at the time (Cole Caufield was) & we could have got him later in the draft or someone similar (or better) later. Having published my picks publicly the last 3 years I have a pretty good track record but that doesn’t mean I’m not wrong on this one. Again, not a shot at Broberg I will support him like crazy but I’m disappointed in management I think they got it wrong here. I see Broberg as a 2nd pair defenceman at best. Not someone you take at 8th overall.

(I lost a bet – hence the name & picture change)

So the Oilers went defence – again in the 1st round of this year’s draft. There is talk Broberg could play for Hamilton of the OHL next year which would be great because I am the unofficial OHL scout for Oilers fans which means unlimited access and updates for free. A potential silver lining for me in all of this.

So who’s still on the board?

In the 2nd round, you have to think the Oilers are going to go forward. That pains me too because two of my favourite defencemen in this draft – Vladislav Kolyachonok and Matthew Robertson are still on the board. If we went forward 1st round we could easily target one of those two and…..

Assuming the Oilers are targeting a forward, here is who I have listed as the Top forwards still available. A full list of my Top 31 including player profiles and HIGHLIGHTS can be found here.

  • LW Pavel Dorofeyev (my first choice) – pro game, great skill, good work ethic
  • LW Ethan Keppen – Physical beast, high work ethic, big shot, good skater
  • RW Maxim Cajkovic – elite shot, real good speed, good work ethic
  • W Samuel Fagemo – Skates and shoots angry. Questionable hockey IQ
  • LW Patrik Puistola – A highly skilled goal scorer with good speed.
  • C Raphael Lavoie – Tremendous shot, above average speed but questionable decision making
  • C Jamieson Rees – excellent skater, great 2 way game, injury history
  • F Nils Hoglander – Didn’t have him in my Top 31 but he has a lot of speed to burn. Nice skill. More of a bottom 6 energy guy.
  • W Bobby Brink – Tiny, but highly skilled, similar game to Caufield. Not sure if an NHL‘er or not. Intriguing, but bust potential.

It’s possible some of these guys drop to the 3rd round in which case, they would be steals. In my Edmonton Oilers Mock Draft I had D Samuel Bolduc, C/RW Matvei Guskov, F Patrick Moynihan & D Case McCarthy as nice mid round picks. F Martin Lang is a late round favourite of mine along with D Carter Berger, LW Joe Carroll & G Erik Portillo as late round sleepers.


There’s still plenty of draft left and plenty of quality prospects that could fit Edmonton’s needs. Maybe, just maybe GM Kenny Holland can pull off a trade or two by the time it’s done to give Oilers fans even more hope.


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