Sat. Dec 4th, 2021


Edm wins 1-0 (OT)


Game Recap:

It was a tight checking game where both goalies played outstanding. Dallas was playing without their Top 2 defencemen – John Klingberg and Marc Methot. They were also missing their starting goalie Ben Bishop. Dallas had a chance to end it in the dying seconds, but Koskinen made a massive save to keep it scoreless and force OT. I have no idea what Klefbom, Hopkins or Caggiula were thinking on that play but more on that later. 

With all due respect to Cam Talbot, the Oilers lose this game if he is in net. That is how good Koskinen is playing right now…


In overtime, Edmonton looked to win it after a McDavid shot trickled over the line, but the NHL decided to do what they usually do and put the screws to the Oilers:

Oilers fans are used to getting the shaft from the NHL. Remember Talbot last year lashing out against the NHL last season? At the risk of sounding bias, honestly I’ve never seen a team have so many calls go AGAINST them in any league more than against the Oilers. I’m sure other fanbases will disagree….



Speaking of Talbot, did u know that Cam Talbot hasn’t had a shutout in 81 straight games dating back to last season? EIGHTY-ONE games! Koskinen has 2 shutouts in his first 10 games (JUST missed his 3rd vs. Anaheim). When you are a starting goalie in the NHL, there are going to be nights where your team just didn’t have it, and you’ll be called upon to steal them 2 points. That’s why you’re a starter and get paid the big bucks. But for whatever reason, Cam has just been unable to do that over the last two seasons. Where would this team be right now without Koskinen? Same as last year I reckon. Look at this season’s updated numbers:


Official Game Winner

The Oilers won with a Klefbom goal on a beautiful pass from Draisaitl. It was Klefbom‘s first goal of the season. It bumped Edmonton’s record to 11-11-2. 


My Thoughts

Did u read the other day when I was thinking out loud “Why is head on a swivel such a foreign concept for these players?” That ALMOST dying second goal against was nothing more than THREE guys PUCK STARING yet again. I just don’t get it. Edmonton has been burned SO MANY TIMES in the past with their lack of defensive awareness. What is it going to take to get it thru these guys heads to LOOK AROUND to see who’s open? Koskinen almost had another shutout taken away from him late due to guys not using their heads. Thankfully, he bailed them out but that stuff can’t happen especially late in a game…. 

The Oilers Powerplay is garbage. Yeah, yeah they were ranked 11th going into last night thanks to McDavid scoring or setting up a bunch off the rush earlier in the year. If Oscar Klefbom isn’t going to shoot the puck with Chiasson providing the perfect screen in front, get him off the Powerplay. Right now, he is a ZERO threat to shoot from the point so teams can just focus on McDavid. All Klef does is pass out there. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Wideman gets a look on the PP1 at some point soon if this continues….

Kevin Gravel is going to have to clear waivers again soon if he is re-assigned by Edmonton after December 6th. Don’t quote me on the exact day but my understanding is, if a player clears waivers then is called back up at some point, once he plays 10 games or is on the roster for 30 days he would have to clear waivers again before getting sent down. Someone will definitely claim him so I would expect a move to come here soon. Either demote or release Garrison, trade Benning or send Gravel back down. I feel like Kevin has shown very well since being up but you can’t lose him for free.

Lastly, I see Sekera is skating lightly now and could be back by January if everything goes well. Not sure how I feel about that, but one thing’s for sure – if Jason Garrison is still somehow in Edmonton by the time that happens, he won’t be when Sekera is activated.

Next game is a rematch versus L.A. this time in Edmonton. Koskinen will definitely get the start and the Oilers need to win this one and put a streak together here.


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