Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

This is the first installment of a 3 part series where I will breakdown every single draft eligible player in the CHL & rate the possibility of the Edmonton Oilers drafting them. I feel like by doing this it gives even the average fan an opportunity to learn more about Draft prospects without having to do the legwork of searching for them all online. Oilers fans in particular are extremely knowledgeable and I’ve found the more information you can provide them about their team at all levels the better. It is important to note, that while I am not a Professional Scout I do take this very seriously and have a system I have found that works well over the years. For more information on exactly what I look for please check out my Scouting page.

When I compile my lists I take many things into consideration. For one, I am a bit of a draft historian so I like to go back over previous drafts and see where scouts got it wrong and why. Nobody is perfect but if you look hard enough at enough drafts you’ll start to notice some trends. (If you’re interested in seeing my Mock Draft last year you can find it here). I also think it is important to put each draft in context and use previous drafts as comparables when making evaluations. It’s very easy to like a guy 3rd overall but if you compare him to the 3rd overall picks the previous years it gives you a better sense of how good they actually are or could be.

In terms of evaluations as I mentioned I have my own system what I look for. I trust my instincts and I try to call it like I see it without any bias. One thing I do notice about many scouting reports is they are quick to praise the strengths of a player but are hesitant to point out any weaknesses or Red flags in comparison. I think it’s important to identify any negatives that have hurt previous prospects in the past and seriously consider how those may potentially impact current prospects in their transition to the next level. Junior point production is often overrated by many so typically I don’t care HOW MANY points a player scored I care HOW they scored. Above all I look for NHL translatable skills with Speed Hockey IQ being the 2 best traits a prospect can assuming they already have some type of skill.


Kevin Labanc (#12) led the Barrie Colts in scoring in 2015-16 with 127 pts in 65 games.


Listed below is a list of all the OHL Prospects that project to be drafted in this year’s draft. I have personally watched EVERY SINGLE player on this list a least a few times in many cases live. I am very fortunate to live smack dab in a hockey hotbed with 12 OHL teams within 3 hours of here and have unlimited access to the OHL TV package. I also strongly consider other sources in their evaluations of the same players but in the end I trust what I see over what someone else sees. Not everyone who evaluates these players evaluate the same games or at the same times which is also something to bear in mind. When it comes to the other two leagues (WHL & QMJHL) I will rely on secondary sources more for their evaluations after I get a chance to watch as much video as I can on each individual prospect first applying the same system I use for the OHL. Those two other reports will come out the next few days but for now……..the Ontario Hockey League.

Here is a list of all the likely Centers who could be drafted this year. The first column is a general ranking based on where I think they should be rated roughly. Not every player is ranked by every system so I tried to list the most appropriate. I used a variety of resources: ISS (International Scouting Services), FC (Future Considerations), NCS (NHL Central Scouting) and my own rankings to determine where they could be drafted. The rankings will likely change by end of the year but this is a good measuring stick for now. I used for the measureables and the player links all direct to NOTE: I’ve only listed 18 year olds there will be a separate section for overagers/undrafted. It is a Center heavy draft for the OHL let’s take a look at that position first:

OVR Rank Shoots CENTERS Height Weight GP G A P
ISS 13 L Barrett Hayton 6’1 179 63 21 39 60
ISS 21 R Akil Thomas 5’11 163 68 22 59 81
ISS 19 L Ryan MacLeod 6’2 190 68 26 44 70
FC 32 R Ty Dellandrea 6’1 188 67 27 32 59
FC 48 R Cam Hillis 5’11 170 60 20 39 59
55 L Blade Jenkins 6’1 195 68 20 24 44
FC 64 L Allan McShane 5’10 184 67 20 45 65
NCS 58 R S. Der-Arguchintsev 5’10 168 68 12 39 51
NCS 70 L Curtis Douglas 6’8 232 66 22 24 46
FC 72 L Nathan Dunkley 5’11 185 60 21 36 58
FC 85 R Aidan Dudas 5’8 156 68 31 34 65
NCS 91 L Liam Foudy 6’0 160 65 24 16 38
NCS 108 L Matthew Struthers 6’2 192 62 23 22 45
NCS 119 R Riley Damiani 5’10 165 64 19 18 37
NCS 130 R Billy Moskal 6’0 176 66 7 19 26
NCS 149 R Hunter Holmes 6’1 174 40 11 9 20
NCS 150 R Connor Roberts 6’4 215 66 18 17 35
NCS 177 L Damien Giroux 5’10 175 68 19 24 43

That’s 18 Centers listed which is a lot compared to the wingers below. It is important to note that not all of these Centers project to play that position at the next level. I would project Akil Thomas, Curtis Douglas and Semyon Der-Arguchintsev as potential wingers at the next level all for different reasons. Now I have a pile of notes on every player but I’ll just give a brief summary on some of them as we can discuss further on Twitter.


Players I don’t like for the Oilers:

Barrett Hayton (Top 15 1st rd) – Hayton gets a lot of love from Scouts but not from me. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot to like about him. He’s smart, poised, makes good decisions and has a real good shot but his speed is average IMO I really don’t project him as a good NHLer at this point. He always uses the curl & drag shot which has become so predictable. He also will turn and skate the puck back in his zone quite often to avoid guys on him & to try and help compensate for his lack of speed. Plenty of buttonhooks in the O-zone. Shifty but not flashy at all probably gets more points than he should on a stacked team. I struggle to see how he creates his own offence at the next level. If anything, I see him as a potential 2 way forward which if you check out my scouting page is at the bottom of the list in terms of priority. Overrated IMO not enough attention paid to his weak skating. Will still put up a lot of points in OHL but if skating doesn’t improve dramatically may never be an NHL’er. Ceiling likely a Bryan Little type in a best case scenario.

Akil Thomas (Bottom 15 1st rd) – I’ve watched Thomas a tonne in Niagara. He is a terrific skater & good playmaker with great vision. He can be a puckhound and relentless forechecker. He’s got a good not great shot and doesn’t score as much as he should. What I really don’t like is he takes shifts off, cheats too much in the defensive zone for offence and gets pushed off the puck too often due to his lack of strength. He is a good prospect who if he gets stronger, works on his shot a bit more and becomes more defensively responsible could turn out to be a nice player at the next level but at this point I wouldn’t take him in the first round where he’s projected. Similar players available in later rounds.

Ryan McLeod (Bottom 15 1st rd) – Terrific skater, plenty of skill, 2 way forward who can play W or C. Sounds good right? Too often he lacks intensity and has a “perimeter player” label written all over him. Not as physical as his brother Michael McLeod. Always left wanting more from him. Has the skill but I question the will especially getting into the dirty areas or working hard to win puck battles which is a big red flag for me. I’d stay away from him in 1st round.

I also do not like Der-Arguchintsev at all I think he is a great skater & stickhandler but plays a selfish game and is turnover prone. McShane is super talented but another guy you like his skill but not his will. Compete level just not there too often Red flag for me. Douglas is a monster who is surprisingly agile for his size but the skating is not good enough and he is still very raw.

Blade Jenkins has a cool name and was pretty highly touted coming in but his footspeed is a big question mark at the next level as his competitiveness. Hard pass for me.


Players I do like for the Oilers:

Ty Dellandrea (Late 1st/early 2nd rd) – Has great speed & stickhandling. Adept at tipping pucks. Great at finding open areas of ice. Makes good decisions has a High hockey IQ. Excellent vision and poise. RH Centerman who has a great attitude off ice is a real leader in locker room. Plays PP and PK. Best player on an awful team. Stood out in Prospects game playing with good players. Has such a terrific feel for the game makes things look effortless at times. Not quite as much speed as Robert Thomas but very similar in terms of quality overall game. If he goes late 1st rd the Oilers likely won’t have a chance to draft him unless they trade up. However, if he is available when the Oilers pick in the 2nd round I’d jump all over it at this point. My favourite prospect outside of the Top 10.

Cam Hillis (2nd round) – Another RH Centerman, Hillis is a very intriguing prospect as he has a tonne of speed and plenty of skill including a real quick release reminiscent of Alex DeBrincat. He is smaller like DeBrincat (163 lbs) but is still pretty feisty and at 5’11” still has a chance to put on some more weight and build strength. Appears to have a high hockey IQ makes so many good decisions on the ice and plays a good 2 way game. Every time I watch Guelph he gets better and better. Looks to be a real sleeper. Not considering the other leagues yet, but if Dellandrea was off the board in the 2nd I would strongly consider Hillis in that spot. Plenty of upside.

Liam Foudy (3rd round) – Foudy a LH Centerman was highly touted in London when he was drafted but started his career off slow in London especially being buried behind so much talent the last couple years. Even this year in fact, he wasn’t very noticeable the first half of the season but once London moved 4 key vets at Trade Deadline it all changed for Foudy. He had 16 pts in 47 games but since then has registered 16 points in the last NINE games! Something just clicked for him he is playing on a whole new level now. He has BLAZING speed as shown at the Prospect game & skills competition where he was registered as the fastest skater with the puck for forwards. Offensively, he creates a tonne of chances though still needs to work on burying more of them (not unlike Formenton last year). He is a relentless forechecker who creates a plethora of turnovers and he is an excellent Penalty killer. A late blooming all round player with ELITE speed and real sleeper potential. Very comparable to Alex Formenton (also of London who was drafted 2nd rd by Ottawa last yr) who had 16 goals last yr only to break out this year. Foudy has 20 goals so far and is just as fast as Formenton which means some team will likely take him higher than his ranking. Our early 2nd rounder is probably too high for Foudy but if he were there in the 3rd (especially if the Oilers still have multiple picks in that round) or we traded back into the late 2nd rd he would be a great pick.


Case of the Maybe’s……

The rest of the list is a bunch of maybe’s for me. Aidan Dudas generates a lot of offence but might be an overachiever at the OHL level due to his competitiveness. He’s small and isn’t the greatest skater but is ultra-competitive. He is the type of player that overcomes odds in past drafts though so I wouldn’t count him out completely. 4th round or later maybe on him and maybe a better winger than Center.

Nathan Dunkley is a nice prospect but does not have any elite qualities that stand out. I’ve watched him a lot and he’s kinda been all over the map for me. Still not sure what he can be at the next level. 5th round maybe.

Billy Moskal has terrific speed like his teammate Foudy but not nearly the offensive ceiling as him. Moskal is more of a potential 4th line penalty killer who is one of the best faceoff guys in the OHL. Offensively limited but again his speed gives him a chance. The RH Centerman might be worth a late round flier.

Damiani and Giroux are very similar in that both are smaller guys with skill but questionable skating. Potential mid-late round sleepers. Matthew Struthers also shows real good at times especially since getting traded to Owen Sound. The knock on him is his skating also. All 3 would be much higher if they were better skaters.

Connor Roberts is an intriguing guy who looks the part. He’s big, physical can put the puck in the net. There are consistency issues around him same thing with Hunter Holmes. Both are RH Centerman though with some upside so maybe they’d be worth a mid to late round pick.



Possible Draft targets at Center as an Oilers fan:

RHC Ty Dellandrea in the 2nd round then LHC Liam Foudy in the 3rd round with RHC Cam Hillis also a possibility at either of those picks.


The Right Wing position in the OHL is lacking overall depth but there are a few intriguing prospects including the best Prospect in the North America.

OVR Rank Shoots RIGHT WING Size Weight GP G A P
2 L Andrei Svechnikov 6’3 184 44 40 32 72
ISS 24 R Serron Noel 6’4 196 53 28 25 53
FC 59 R Kody Clark 6’1 180 47 18 21 39
NCS 75 L Pavel Gogolev 6’0 168 66 30 17 47
FC 94 L Kirill Nizhnikov 6’1 190 63 10 25 35
NR R Brady Hinz 5’9 150 68 18 24 42
NR R Ryan Roth 5’9 174 68 15 18 33
NR R Oliver True 6’3 190 58 6 9 15


Players I do like for the Oilers:

Andrei Svechnikov  (2nd overall) – No brainer for me if Oilers have 2nd pick. Svech is Evgeni Malkin 2.0 in my opinion. Fast, strong, 2 way forward who can beat you with his big shot or big body going to the net. The total package who doesn’t quit on plays and hustles at both ends of the ice and has such Elite Hockey sense. He is better than Patrick Laine was coming in. 5 tool prospect that would look awfully good beside McDavid. Stamkos has Kucherov why can’t Connor have his own Russian dynamo?


Maybe’s for the Oilers:

Serron Noel (Late 1st rd pick) – Big man who has excellent speed Noel should climb up the draft charts as we get closer to June. He is still a bit raw and is inconsistent at times but has pretty decent hands for a big man though he isn’t as physical as you would like. Sometimes tries to get a bit too cute with the puck. Shot is average but gets most of his goals in close. Obviously, a handful for defenders at the OHL level. Likely be a force in a few years so more of a project at this point. He reminds me a lot of Patrick Maroon actually. Same type of player. The speed though for such a big man peeks my interest. Fastest skater without the puck for forwards at the Prospects Skills Competition. Team needs patience whoever drafts him.

Pavel Gogolev (2nd or 3rd rd pick) – Probably one of the biggest boom or busts for me in the draft. There is no denying this kid’s offensive prowess. When the puck is on his stick he shoots ANGRY. To illustrate my point:

The problem with Gogolev is he shows up when he wants to. A lot of times he just kind of stands there and doesn’t do much of anything. Can definitely lack intensity at times but then other times he looks highly motivated and damn near unstoppable. He’s a big possession guy who can hammer the puck and play defence too. Now the inconsistency is clearly a red flag for me however based on his pure talent alone he is worth a look in the 3rd round. Anyone taking him higher than that is taking an awfully big risk. Questionable intensity and work ethic are not good traits to have but his team is lousy so maybe that plays a factor.

Kody Clark (3rd-4th Rd) – Wendel Clark’s son is no doubt going to be a favourite for Leafs Nation to draft. I’m not sure there is a lot of upside with him. He’s a nice player who isn’t overly physical but is very good at puck possession, keeping pucks alive and winning board battles. Does seem to turn over the puck a lot doesn’t look the most comfortable carry it. Think he has very limited upside but might be an energy guy who could make it to the next level based on guts and determination.


Players I don’t like for the Oilers:

Kirill Nizhnikov – Selfish player who has excellent speed and skill but takes dumb penalties, makes bad decisions all over the ice and is a turnover machine. I would not draft this player.

Hinz, Roth and True might not be drafted. Hinz in particular is TINY but has skill.


Left Wing Prospects in the OHL are a nightmare as the Top 2 I have listed are actually playing center right now.

OVR Rank Shoots LEFT WING Size Weight GP G A P
NCS 82 LW Mitchell Hoelscher 6’0 158 67 10 18 28
NCS 94 L Samuel Bitten 6’0 170 68 7 14 21
NCS 162 L Adam Liska 6’0 181 62 12 19 31
NCS 183 L David Levin 5’10 172 46 14 15 29
NCS 211 L Max Grondin 6’3 194 66 11 16 27
NR LW Mathew McDougall 5’9 171 66 17 15 32
NR L Alex Gritz 6’0 170 67 13 17 30
NR L Sergei Popov 5’10 173 63 10 14 24
NR LW Luke Moncada 6’1 198 67 9 15 24


So Hoelscher and Bitten are both C’s who I could see on the left side. Sam Bitten is the brother of Will Bitten a 3rd round pick of Montreal. Both are average prospects IMO but I haven’t seen them enough in limited viewings. They could have sleeper potential which is why I have them both listed as LW’s so I can focus more attention on them in these next few weeks.

Liska and Levin have some very good skill but are both very inconsistent, lack intensity and disappear for stretches. Levin was highly thought of in the preseason but as an Older prospect he hasn’t had enough of an impact you’d like to see. Maybe you take either of them as a late round flier but realistically I don’t think I would draft a LW out of the OHL this year.



Possible Draft targets at Center as an Oilers fan:

After Svechnikov there’s not much to pick from at the Winger spot in this league. Noel & Gogolev are probably the best of the rest who might both get drafted higher than they should. Last year, I loved some of the middle tier prospects like Maksimov, Lodnia, Studnicka and Sushko. This year’s crop has nowhere near the depth of last year’s draft did at this position.  There are some undrafted/overagers who have some upside I’ll touch on those later.


Now let’s take a look at the Draft eligible Defencemen…..

OVR Rank Shoots DEFENCE Size Weight GP G A P
FC 10 R Evan Bouchard 6’2 191 67 25 62 87
FC 18 R Ryan Merkley 5’11 164 63 13 54 67
FC 33 L Rasmus Sandin 5’10 179 51 12 33 45
FC 45 L Kevin Bahl 6’6 231 58 1 17 18
FC 75 R Alec Regula 6’3 184 67 7 18 25
FC 79 L Giovanni Vallati 6’1 181 65 3 23 26
FC 88 L Declan Chisholm 6’0 180 47 3 17 20
NCS 47 L Nico Gross 5’11 183 58 4 10 14
NCS 61 L Carter Robertson 6’2 170 57 5 13 18
NCS 63 L Merrick Rippon 6’1 191 68 4 19 23
NCS 86 R Caleb Everett 6’2 185 58 6 14 20
NCS 96 R Connor Corcoran 6’2 185 63 3 21 24
NCS 104 L Tyler Tucker 6’1 205 59 3 20 23
NCS 116 R Peter Stratis 6’0 183 67 6 19 25
NCS 163  L Justin MacPherson 6’1 163 57 0 17 17
NCS 173 R William Ennis 6’3 195 66 1 10 11
NCS 176 L Riley McCourt 5’11 180 56 5 17 22
NR R Owen Lalonde 6’1 176 56 1 21 22

This is a much more intriguing group for me than the two winger spots. Last year there were a bunch of middle round d-men that I liked a lot. Conor Timmins was my favourite but I also mocked Markus Phillips and Matt Brassard late to the Oilers. Brassard, a RHD, is a 7th round pick that has exploded this year for 14 goals and 43 points. So who is this year’s Matt Brassard?


Players I do like for the Oilers:

Evan Bouchard (Top 7-15 pick) – RHD. Bouchard is a excellent defenceman with tremendous poise, great vision and is a smooth skater who almost makes it look too easy out there. Offensively, his ability to get his good hard shot through is uncanny as shown by his 21 goals to date. He is also an excellent passer with many tape to tape passes each game. He is a very casual player including defensively which sometimes gets him in trouble in his own zone. Doesn’t always make the best reads when defending but once he gets his stick on the puck he is very adept at zone exits or just skating it out himself. He runs the PP as good as anyone and is always a threat to shoot thanks to his tremendous quick release. Also is a great leader. Became team Captain at age 17. I compare him to John Carlson of Washington (and another former Knight). May never be a true #1 but could be a very good #2 or #3 Dman. I do like Noah Dobson just a bit more but if he is off the board by the time the Oilers pick I wouldn’t have any problems with them taking Bouchard instead. Should be a solid NHLer.

Rasmus Sandin (Late 1st/early 2nd rd pick) – LHD. Sandin has NHLer written all over him IMO. Watching the Soo a lot this year you can see how smart and smooth he really is. His vision and passing might be the best in the league he’s that good. He can make some ridiculous stretch passes you’re just like “Woah”. He rarely makes mistakes, always seems to pinch at the right times and is such a good decision maker it’s hard not to like the player. His skating is fabolous and he’s got a good shot with a sneaky release. He makes so many plays look easy it’s a real treat to watch. Another one of my favourite prospects because of his speed & hockey IQ. It would be a really tough call for me if both he and Dellandrea were still on the board. I love both players. Sekera was the Oilers best defenceman last year. Sandin reminds me of last year’s Sekera.

Declan Chisholm(3rd-5th rd)  LHD. Chisholm is a good defenceman on a bad team. He is an excellent puck mover and is very tenacious in his own zone despite his relative lack of size. He attacks puck carriers and has a very active stick. Wins many more puck battles than he loses. Makes a lot of good decisions in his own zone and up ice. Offensively, he moves the puck very well and makes great outlet passes. He has a good accurate wrister from the point haven’t seen his use his slapper often. Frankly, he does pretty much everything well. Peterborough is awful but Chisholm always stands out for me. I’m not sure of his offensive ceiling yet but if nothing else he is a solid puck mover who skates very well and makes good decisions. I think he has breakout potential. If he was still on the board in the 4th round I would be more than comfortable taking him there. If he was still around in the 5th I would be ecstatic. Plenty of upside ala Brassard last year IMO.

Owen Lalonde (7th Rd) – RHD. Owen Lalonde was drafted by Sudbury 2nd overall in the OHL draft in 2016 behind current teammate Ryan Merkley. He was a tremendous player in Minor Midget for the Windsor Jr. Spitfires. Last year Sudbury traded him to Guelph where he currently plays. He is a smart, poised puck mover who’s an excellent skater and good passer. He’s played with Samorukov some this year and has looked good but Merkley is clearly the man on this team. Lalonde looks the part of a good all round defenceman. I feel like he is underrated and while he doesn’t get much opportunity yet he has a relatively high ceiling. You go do a lot worse for a 7th round pick.


Maybe’s for the Oilers:

Ryan Merkley (1st-2nd rd) – RHD. Ryan Merkley is the biggest enigma of the draft. He is an outstanding offensive talent. He can take the puck and go coast to coast, creating all kinds of offensive havoc with his tremendous skating and stickhandling. He runs a Power Play very successfully thanks to a big shot and wonderful passing ability. It’s hard to get the puck off of him as he just plays keep-away with it sometimes making defenders look foolish. He can be damn near unstoppable at times offensively. The problem is – defensively. Merkley is nothing short of a defensive liability flat out. He’s always out of position, doesn’t take away his man consistently and turns over the puck a lot in his own zone. Frankly, he can look down right AWFUL at times on defence. So what do you do if you draft him? He’s so bad defensively but so good offensively the gap may be larger than any prospect we have seen in several years. I have suggested switching him to forward immediately. That eliminates him largely from his defensive responsibilities and allows him to focus on offense – where he flourishes. That almost never happens for a player but I would suggest if a team that drafted did make that move now at age 18 they could have an offensive dynamo on their hands who is as good as almost any forward in this draft. Otherwise, be prepared for a lot of growing pains and warts from this player defensively.

Alec Regula (3rd-5th rd) – RHD. Regula is an interesting prospect for me. I’ve seen him dozens of times live and usually come away impressed. He’s not flashy at all but is a big guy who has surprising agility for his size. He is Bouchard’s regular partner despite both being righties (of the Knight’s 7 Dmen SIX are righties only 1 leftie) which means he is usually the guy who focuses more on defence while his partner roams. He does an excellent job of defending. He is physical, has an active stick and plays a calm, poised game in his own end. He does a good job of clearing out his man in front and makes excellent outlet passes out of the zone. He’s easily the best defender on the team. Offensively, while Bouchard gets all the PP minutes I think Regula has more to give. He has a good hard shot, walks the line well at the point and has good offensive instincts in limited opportunities. I’d love to see what Regula could do without Bouchard for a long stretch. Untapped potential here I think.

Caleb Everett (3rd-5th rd) – LHD. Everett is another guy just like Regula who has good size and is a good skater. He plays fundamentally sound defence and can jump up and join the attack. His passing needs a bit of work from what I can tell he does make a few too many turnovers and while his offensive ceiling may be limited it looks like he does have more to give. He appears to be more of a defensively defenceman who can skate for now but is a smart player who could surprise.

Really, this entire defensive core has a lot of potential. Vallati, Stratis and Corcoran all have shown flashes of some real ability. Bahl is a huge defenceman who I worry about skating wise and who I think is ranked higher than he should be based on his size. It’s tough to get a good read on a lot of them as most of them play 2nd or 3rd pair minutes right now so any one of them realistically could turn out to be good defenders. I’ve listed the ones that have stood out for me really there isn’t anyone on this list I would completely rule out as at least a 7th round pick.


There are only two Goalies who could be drafted this year.

OVR Rank POS. Name Height Weight GP Record GAA SV%
FC 83 G Jacob Ingham 6’3 181 43 16-22-2 3.65 0.880
NR G Jordan Kooy 6’2 173 24 10-8-1 3.11 0.904

I don’t like Ingham at all right now. He gets beat glove side WAY too many times for my liking. Kooy however I am a fan of having watched him many times. He has great lateral movement, excellent recovery and poise. He could stand to get stronger and needs more consistency but I’ve seen him be absolutely lights out a few times this year which could be a sign of things to come. The future in net for the London Knights.


Undrafted Eligible Prospects

There are a few players that didn’t go drafted last year who are still eligible or European imports who came over this year who qualify. Here is a short list of some of the most likeliest to be drafted:

NCS 39 RD/W Sean Durzi 5’11 185 40 15 34 49
NCS 84 C/LW Albert Michnac 5’11 176 59 21 39 60
NCS 127 D Brady Lyle 6’1 203 63 11 23 34
NCS 202 RW Linus Nyman 5’9 158 67 39 46 85
NR RD Joey Keane 6’0 184 62 12 32 44
NR LD Jakob Brahaney 6’1 181 67 5 25 30
NR C Tyler Burnie 6’4 200 55 17 12 29

Some good names here but the two that stand out for me is Albert Michnac (pronounced Mick-Nash) and Brady Lyle. Lyle, is a heady 2 way defencemen who makes a lot of good decisions on the ice, skates well and has a good shot. Looks to be upside there. Be a nice 6th or 7th rd pick. Michnac however, is a scoring machine and a MUST DRAFT for the Oilers in my opinion if he hits the 4th round. He’s a year older than most of the prospects but boy can he shoot the puck. A natural goal scorer, he appears to be an good skater with good edgework and can shoot from all angles and scores in bunches. He is near the top of my watch list come playoff time. Durzi is an undersized forward/dman tweener who has some good offensive skill but lacks intensity defensively. Nyman is dynamic offensively but is tiny and plays a very soft, weak game where he looks intimidated and often gets rubbed right out of the play. Good OHLer but probably a career minor leaguer or guy who plays overseas. Joey Keane is a favourite of OHL guru Brock Otten.


So as you can see this OHL crop is heavy on the Centers and defencemen but very light at the other positions. If I’m the Oilers and I don’t get a lottery pick here are the players I would target each round not considering the other leagues (which I will cover in the next 2 parts)

10th overall Mock Draft (OHL only)

1st Round – RD Evan Bouchard

2nd Round – C Ty Dellandrea / D Rasmus Sandin / C Cam Hillis

3rd Round – C Liam Foudy / LW Adam Mascherin

4th Round – RW Pavel Gogolev/ RD Alec Regula 

5th Round – D Declan Chisholm

6th Round – G Jordan Kooy / RD Brady Lyle

7th Round – RD Owen Lalonde


Part 2 – The WHL coming soon. Stay tuned!


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?


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