Sat. Dec 4th, 2021


What a surprise. The Oilers were lulled to sleep for 2 periods against an inferior Coyotes only to claw back in the 3rd and pull it out in OT. It was Coyote Ugly. When have we heard that before?

The game was going how most games against the Coyotes usually go after two periods…..slowly. I don’t know what it is about that franchise but they always seem to give the Oilers fits. Even last year Edmonton lost the first two matchups against Arizona before finally beating them right before Christmas then finally handling them to start 2017. I don’t know why they take them lightly but they always seem to and almost paid the price last night with their lackadaisical 4o minute effort.

Regardless, they pulled it out (barely) and now have a nice 2 game winning streak going on. Talbot was solid after getting essentially called out by his General Manager. Be nice if he were able to go on a bit of a hot streak here but wait…..


Another potential cut to add to the thousands already. This team can’t seem to catch a break but they don’t have any time to dwell on it. Nick Ellis will likely get the call-up if Talbs can’t go which means Slepy or Puljujarvi will have to be sent down for a game or two to make room. Speaking of Puljujarvi, after being scratched the last 2 games after a couple of subpar games following a nice start it sounds like he might get a shot on the Top line if he doesn’t get sent to Cali….

I’m sure many of you yelled “it’s about time” when Stauffer tweeted that. Hopefully, Talbs is healthy enough to be the backup otherwise it’s going to mess up the newly formed Top 6.


Anyways, here are my likes and dislikes from last night’s game:

I liked Anton Slepyshev’s game.

I thought he was physical, skated hard, just missed the net on a laser shot and was usually in the right position most of the night. Did you know the Oilers are 4-0 in the last 4 games Slepyshev played in? While he might not score like a Top 6 forward I think he skates, checks and is defensively responsible enough to help tilt the ice in the right direction more often than not and keep the play moving for his linemates.

Looch is on a roll right now.

Crushed bodies again last night fought hard for possession made some smart reads and helped set up the game tying goal. He’s still going to make the odd dumb play and get caught not moving his feet but his intensity the last few games has definitely gone up a notch he seems to be skating more with a purpose now than before.

Nurse continues to impress.

I know he could have been stronger on his man on the first goal and there were a few gaffes in his own zone but there were also some fantastic reads & plays including the one where he took it from behind his net, skated it out of the zone went coast to coast behind their net to set up Caggiula almost for the game winner. He is oozing with confidence right now and looks like a Top pair defenceman.


I didn’t like Maroon’s game.

Brutal giveaway early almost put the Oilers behind the 8 ball to start thankfully Talbot saved his bacon. The whole game I thought he didn’t get in on the forecheck fast enough and really struggled making the right read with Nuge and Sleppy. He’s flirting with bottom 6 demotion here which in a contract year is bad for him.

Letestu needs to stay off the PP.

He was never fast to begin with but he has gotten REAL slow real fast. Opponents close the gap on him so quickly on the PP he has no time to do anything. Time to get someone else on that unit like Puljujarvi. Notes from practice today suggest that may happen as soon as next game.

Refs were brutal.

When aren’t they?



after a 2 game winning streak the Oilers will now host Toronto on Thursday while still 5 points back of a playoff spot as we speak. It’s a big test as the Leafs have owned the Oilers as of late and are coming off a win on the road against Calgary. If Talbot can’t go it’s going to be really tough but even if he does it all depends on which Oilers team will show up in front of him. Hopefully, they use last year’s sweep as motivation but as we have seen it’s hard to tell which games this team will get up for and which ones they decide to just lay an egg. Regardless of the outcome I’m sure it’ll be nothing but Auston Matthews talk around here….