Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

So last night a bit of a social experiment was attempted on Twitter. A thread was created for fans of the Oilers to join in and comment or like all in one spot. The plan was instead of a 100 random people watching the game and tweeting separately they could do it all within one thread to make it more interactive. Sounded like a great idea except if you had your notifications on and were using anything other than a laptop well…things got interesting.

What also happened though is fans all over the place came together and interacted within a single thread and had a blast – most at least from what I could tell.


Of course not everyone was as thrilled once they were tagged in. Some were begging to get out. LOL. Others were experiencing severe lag issues:


I personally loved it not only did I gain 10 new Oiler followers I was pretty much laughing my butt off all night. Sure, my app crashed 45 times but it was easy to reload. Here are some of the best tweets from that thread last night:

How did Hulk Hogan get dragged into an Edmonton Oilers MEGATHREAD? LOL. Does he even watch hockey?


Anyways, the best part was others tagging people in and watching the thread grow as people had no idea what was going on but were having fun with it. New friendships were formed, @beerleagueheroe was trending like crazy in Edmonton, a house party may have evolved outta all this and basically fans just had fun interacting with each other. I’d call it a success. Someone probably should have suggested turning off notifications BEFORE tagging others but hey like I said, it was an experiment! The Oilers dominated the Phlegms from start to finish and many of us got to enjoy the fun together through Twitter. It was great night all round. Now the question is….

Ahh, until next time my friend. Until next time…..



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