Sat. Oct 16th, 2021



1. Temper Expectations

The truth is, this year’s Edmonton Oilers are a Stanley Cup contender but they’re not going to play like a Stanley Cup contender the whole year. Surely, there will be bumps along the way. Nashville took a step back last year in Regular season only to take a big leap forward in Playoffs. Look at what Ottawa went thru in the Regular Season last year. The point is, ignore expectations from all these so called ‘experts’ the goal of this team should be to make the playoffs which means Top 3 in their division. Get in, then the goal changes to winning the Stanley Cup. You don’t win the Cup in the Regular season. Many people have set the bar so high for this team intentionally knowing full well the team will struggle at times at which point it will be the perfect opportunity to capitalize on negativity from frustrated fans. Set realistic expectations – the team might struggle early with so many young guys and Sekera out for awhile but still should get into playoffs. Then look out. Playoffs are all that matter.


2. Don’t Feed the Trolls

As soon as there are any signs of adversity you know the usual suspects on Twitter like Barwick, JSBMshorts and Henderson are going to come out and starting pointing fingers at the GM, coach and players like Kris Russell. Don’t fall into their trap. They’ve cornered the market on negativity and feed off frustrated fans in an attempt to increase their viewership. They get off on providing controversial criticism about their “favourite team” to get attention. You know they’ll double their highlights of NON-Oilers Hall & Eberle just to stir things up even more. DON’T FALL FOR IT. I’d advise to block the haters out altogether but that’s up to you. You should ignore these egomaniacs at least don’t let them affect how much you enjoy the season. This team is still very young in spots and missing arguably their best overall defenceman from last year. There could also be more significant injuries. So what if they struggle for a bit. Adversity makes teams stronger.


3. Surround Yourself with Positive Vibes

There are a bunch of new people on twitter, bloggers and podcasts that have popped up over the last year or so that provide positive and refreshing takes on the Oilers. Here are a list of some of the best in my opinion you should give a follow or listen to if you don’t already:






That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having healthy debates over under-performing players from positive fans. Not every player is going to perform up to expectations but this negative aura that some of these more established bloggers have created should be avoided. Give some of the newer faces a chance you might be pleasantly surprised.


4. Just Enjoy the Season

It’s a long year it’s going to fun to watch this team progress closer to a Championship team. Screw the haters. They’ve been anti-Chiarelli from the start let them be miserable in their own little circle. They’ve invested in it. For the rest of us, let’s enjoy the ride together!




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