Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

This is your Oilers Week in Review in case you missed anything I’ve got you covered….

A lot has happened in the last week or so, here’s a recap:







Benoit Pouliot


Waived, For purpose of buying out contract


Eric Gryba


Contract extended, Two-year contract extension


Zack Kassian


Contract extended, Three-year contract extension


Kris Russell


Contract extended, Four-year contract extension


Ryan Strome


Traded from Islanders, for Jordan Eberle


06/22Jordan Eberle traded for Ryan Strome. The Eberle trade was the first big move this offseason for Chiarelli. It was a necessary move not only because of the player’s perceived ‘bad fit’ in the system or poor playoff performance but the expensive $6 Million price tagged attached to him. For a more detailed breakdown of the deal check out here:

06/23 Kris Russell signs 4 yrs, $16 Million. For more details

A deal that really only costed the Oilers a 900K raise. Made a tonne of sense on how contract was constructed – basically Oilers could move him if they had too after 2nd year. With Hamonic commanding 3 top draft picks there’s no way the Oilers could give that up with McDavid & Draisaitl raises coming and the need for entry level contracts increasing. Some bloggers hate the deal – so what. Nice player, good fit, team loves him low risk.

06/23-06/24NHL Entry Draft. Oilers got some nice prospects my favourite being Kiriil Maksimov who has some real sleeper potential. Draft recap here:

06/26Zack Kassian re-signs 3 years, $5.85 Million

A fan favourite and a guy who will stick up for his teammates getting Kassian for another 3 years at under $2 Million per is a steal in my opinion. Great glue guy. Heart & soul type. Can’t see how anyone complains about this.

06/26Edm qualify 4 including Bogdan Yakimov

May be interesting that Yakimov was qualified. Think it just means if he does come back to North America the Oilers retain his rights. He’s already commited to playing in KHL next year.

06/27Eric Gryba re-signs 2 years, $1.8 Million

Another great glue guy. Limited a bit depending on opposition but gives you everything he has all the time. Teammates love him and on a 2 way team friendly deal definitely a bargain. Great follow on twitter too! @grybes02

06/29Benoit Pouliot put on waivers for purpose of buyout. This was a must in my opinion. Again, analytics people hate it but what else is new? They all loved it when he signed a couple years ago “most underrated free agent signing ever” they said. Now they can’t admit they were wrong it’s just easier to criticize the GM instead. Pfft, arrogant imbeciles. Pouliot has been in TMac’s doghouse for 2 years. Anyone suggesting he should stay ANOTHER year is only looking at a bar graph not at the big picture. This player’s work ethic, lack of production and salary make him an easy cut from this team. Opens up a roster spot for a younger player to flourish hopefully at a fraction of the cost. Personally, my blood pressure approves this move.

With that, next up are the McDavid & Draisaitl contracts along with Free Agency July 1st. McDavid has already reportedly come to terms but I will post once it is actually official. A lot of rumours Draisaitl signing for 5 years but time will tell. I don’t see the Oilers being very active in FA at all but might add one or two depth players. Either way should be fun to watch.


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