Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

With the Stanley Cup playoffs finally over (Congratulations Pittsburgh) and the Expansion Draft around the corner it’s time to discuss what’s going on around the League. Many teams are in precarious position of either losing a good player from their roster for free or losing a draft pick and another player to Vegas. The deadline for NHL teams to submit their Protected lists to the league is this Saturday June 17th 5:00pm EST while the buyout period is June 15th. Here’s the major dates courtesy of Cap Friendly:

Surely there are many teams scrambling now to try and come up with the best possible solution for their respective organizations. Vegas undoubtedly will be looking to deal with teams if it gives them extra picks or prospects. It should be their mentality to get the best overall value out of each team. Rumor has it they have already struck a deal with Columbus :

So clearly Vegas is willing to deal even if there is an enticing player like Josh Anderson who may go unprotected, they can be swayed with Prospects, picks or both. With that mind, let’s take a look at the Oilers possible scenarios:


The Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers expansion draft options for Vegas are pretty cut and dry assuming there isn’t a trade of a player like Eberle beforehand. Either Chiarelli is going to convince GM McPhee to take Benoit Pouliot (who has 2 yrs left at $4Mill per left) or Vegas will take the best player they think they can either flip or play. Their other realistic options are Khaira, Reinhart, Brossoit.

None of the three in my opinion are locks to even play in the NHL next year and all are waiver eligible I believe. Surely, Vegas will have plenty of players equal or better than those 3. So if you just go off the ‘best value’ concept it makes sense for Vegas to take the best NHLer to this point in Pouliot. However, if they are smart they obviously make Chiarelli throw in a sweetener or two (McPhee’s son Graham & or a 5th rd pick?) knowing very well how much he’d like to move him. That way they get a decent NHLer, a prospect and a pick and don’t really have to worry about the salary it should actually help them get to the Cap floor. Would Chiarelli make that deal? It seems very likely, why wouldn’t he?

So if you compare Vegas’ options at the Exp. draft and were their GM for a day. Which player would you take if this were all on the table?

Khaira (decent prospect some upside)

Reinhart (still a decent prospect not much upside)

Brossoit (decent prospect some upside)

Pouliot + decent prospect & a draft pick


Now, if Edmonton were to trade Eberle before the exp. draft it would put a wrench in things and likely force the Oilers to pay a heftier price to stay away from a guy like Kassian for example and still ask them to take Pou. So that trade likely gets done AFTER Vegas picks their team if it gets done at all (it will). But if you look at Vegas’ options realistically and knowing how the Oilers would like to move Pouliot’s contract – it would appear the probability of this happening would be higher than you might think. We can hope anyways….


Stay tuned for updates on teams Expansion draft scenarios coming later today and feel free to comment on this article or any via Twitter @TheOilKnight