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Here is a brief summary of some of the more infamous & controversial tweets of the last year. If you’re interested in reading the comments or adding one yourself feel free to click on the tweet to redirect you to my official Twitter account.


Contrary to some haters think, Chiarelli’s staff has done an excellent job drafting and re-stocking their minor league system. Add in guys like Marody, Hebig, Larkin, Mantha, Gambardella, Vesel to what should be a much improved Bakersfield in 2018-19.


No question TMac has his favourites and his doghouse door is always open for his bottom 6.


Read the entire thread on this one with some of the tweets I quoted. LOL.


Speaking of Nurse, this tweet might make my blood boil more than ANY other tweet. “Smart” people?


This one seemed to gain ‘likes’ when the Oilers were winning then some people would ‘unlike’ when Oilers were losing. LOL. Posted this beginning of 2016-17 season. Still think it’s very possible:


All 3 went goal-less in 13 playoff games and 2 0f the 3 were moved that summer.


Speaking of predictions how about this one which wasn’t too far off…

16-17 Actual: 243 GF, 227 GA – 103 pts


This one unfortunately did not age quite as well. Still can’t believe EDM didn’t get in.


This sums up my opinion on analytics quite well and certainly applies to defencemen even moreso…


Self explanatory. How are these people still blogging about Oilers? Wouldn’t know since they’re all blocked. Even when the team is playing well they will still bang that drum. Still butthurt over their bff Hall getting traded.



This tweet was about the man Chiarelli did replace compared to the guy he brought in instead of him. Some morons from same Twitter circle actually were upset about the ‘X’ under Hall. LOL. Year 1 went to Looch. Year 2 clearly to Hall. Thing is we all know Hall is the better offensive player but point was Chiarelli viewed Lucic & Larsson as an adequate replacement over Hall and helped fill two voids on roster.

This was probably my favourite and most thought out tweet. Playful piece on my view of our GM. Naturally it received a tonne of hate from the “We’re smarter than you Twitter circle.” Last paragraph in particular is my favourite….


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