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I’ve been an Oilers fan for almost 30 years ever since I saw an Oilers team that they said would never win another Cup without Gretzky hoist it again in 1989-90. As a 12 yr old seeing local London boy Craig Simpson not only compete but excel in the NHL combined with the leadership of Messier and incredible goaltending by Billy Ranford…..I was hooked.

I decided to start this blog with one thing in mind. Create a positive place where fans can go to get useful information about their team and not have to listen to the constant drag so many of these arrogant bloggers have become. So I’ve created a simple, easy to navigate fan site to share my thoughts and opinions on Oilers hockey as well as provide frequent updates on the Ontario Hockey League – A league I am extremely engaged with and many in the Edmonton market may not be.

Many articles I read these days are just pure ‘hail marys’ which at times can make nice talking points but are just not realistic at all if one has a good feel for how management likes to do things. I do not feel the need to waste my time writing an article I know has zero chance of ever happening just to justify my online presence (ie. Ovechkin to Edm). Educated guesses that actually make a lot of sense are what I strive for not click-bait. The problem is, many of these bloggers still have no idea about the construction of the team so they just throw as many darts as possible hoping one lands. Too often they just see black and white and are totally incapable of objective analysis. I am constantly reading about suggestions on how “this guy would look good” on paper without any consideration of the big picture. That’s really what I’m trying to do here. Take a step back and always look at the big picture and not waste the reader’s time with nonsense (like Demers getting traded to Edm).

The best solutions are typically the most logical ones. Before coming up with ideas I certainly try to incorporate all the variables to help support those ideas not just what may look good on paper. Over the past year I have taken a lot of heat on Twitter from the “wrong group of fans” who think they have all the answers despite the fact most of them have never played a day of ice hockey in their lives. You know them, the one’s who ridicule anyone who actually supports the direction of the team or doesn’t incorporate 4 bar graphs and 5 fancystats into every argument. (See Twitter-verse section for more details). These critics are truly what’s wrong with online blogging as their real goal is to divide a fanbase and fuel anger while also providing them an outlet to express that anger – on their self serving blog.

This will not be one of those blogs. I truly believe we just witnessed the beginning of a Championship team in Edmonton and look forward to sharing it with all you loyal Oiler fans who feel the same way. I have never had more fun than I did this past year and this is just the beginning as a new generation has begun.  I am not an expert writer or arrogant blogger who thinks he knows it all I’m a just a passionate fan looking to enjoy the ride and share my opinions with you.

Comments are closed for now until further notice but if you like what I have to say and feel like discussing more feel free to reach me via Twitter at @TheOilKnight. If you totally disagree with my opinions that’s fine too. Just remember, an opinion does not have to be a popular one to have merit. 🙂

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