REPORT: Oilers to sign Colin Larkin –

REPORT: Oilers to sign Colin Larkin

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As perĀ  Mark Divver….

Colin Larkin is the older brother of Dylan Larkin. He was playing for the University of UMass-Boston of the NEHC which is why you never heard of him before. He just finished up his final season there where he lead the league in scoring with 46 points in 27 games. So what kind of player are the Oilers getting?

Well there isn’t a lot on him online we did manage to find a couple….

In that article it mentions “His skating is his biggest attribute,” Belisle said. “He’s our best skater and he can really lug the puck up the ice. You’ll see it on our power play, the way he brings the puck up the ice, it’s just so graceful, it’s wonderful to watch.

So how does he compare to his brother Dylan who is an ELITE skater at the NHL level? “I think it’s the skating,” Belisle said. “You can tell they skate exactly the same way. I think Colin’s a bit taller, but you can tell his skating style is a lot like what I see on the TV.

Very encouraging sign for the Oilers if they are acquiring a player with elite level skating ability. The Oilers have talked a lot lately of getting faster so this signing would certainly help in that department. Not sure how that will project him at the NHL level but for now at least it seems he will add some much needed to depth to Bakersfield to finish the season and get a long look at camp in the summer.


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