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Month: February 2018

The Trade deadline has now come and gone and I for one couldn’t be happier. It’s never fun being a seller at this time of year although  I was a little anxious to see what pieces we could get for the future. In the end, it was a bit of an underwhelming return….

The rumours were out of control and I tried not to buy into any of them. However, after the Rick Nash trade the return appeared to be high for UFA LW’s so I anticipated Maroon would fetch more than originally thought. I should have knew what was coming it happens every year yet I bit once again. I blame Pierre LeBrun….


Yeah thanks for the tip Pierre. LOL. There were so MANY tweets from all these experts about how “several teams were involved” and I don’t recall even one of them mentioning New Jersey so it goes to show you once again these guys don’t know anything more than we do until it happens. Except the BobFather he’s the King.

Looking at the trades the Oilers made one could easily say that Chiarelli won two of them and lost the third. The thing is, we will never know the actual market for our players all we can do is speculate. It’s very possible that maybe more could have been acquired but I’m not going to go there and try to pretend I’m a better GM because I’m not. Could I be though? 🙂 …..


So this was chart of best case scenarios for the Maroon return. The actual return was an Average Prospect (at best) in C Joey Dudek & a 3rd rd pick next yr. Disappointing but certainly not a FIREABLE offence in my opinion but when the Oilers Twitter mob is angry….it gets it’s pitchforks out. Maroon was a great Oiler and a fan favourite in the community. Part of me hopes he’s back as an Oiler but another part of me doesn’t think it is possible financially. I will say this about Patty though….


As for the other two trades, I thought the trade of Davidson for a 3rd next year and Letestu for Pontus Aberg were both very good deals especially considering Davidson was a waiver wire pickup a couple months ago. It’s important to note that by moving Davidson and acquiring Aberg who is signed thru next year – The Oilers saved themselves about $1 Million likely as Davy is a pending RFA in need of a raise. Every dollar counts with this Cap team. Plus, they didn’t trade Slepyshev so I was ok how it all played out. All 3 trades in total brought the Oil two Prospects and two more 3rd rd picks in next year’s draft. It would have been nice to get a bit more but for now those two 3rd rd picks are CURRENCY and can easily be flipped to move up in this year’s draft or packaged to acquire new players/picks which Chiarelli alluded to in his post trade deadline presser. Thing is….


Will Chiarelli will make it to the draft?



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