Are the real Oilers finally back? –

Are the real Oilers finally back?

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The Oilers have been dreadful pretty much all year. It started with an overconfidence that led to too many lackadaisical efforts putting unnecessary pressure on a young team which just compounded by more losses and added injuries – ultimately resulting in the team hitting rock bottom. The Oilers have had such a small margin for error after digging themselves into a deep hole that even after a tremendous effort against the Leafs on Sunday you couldn’t help but come away demoralized with a hopeless feeling about this team.




The Oilers have now put together 3 tremendous efforts in the last 3 games. Against Toronto, we all saw them dominate the Leafs hitting 4 posts and putting up 41 shots. The Oilers SHOULD have won that game or at least got a point but that’s gonna happen the odd time. Against Montreal and Columbus the Oilers scored 9 goals on 39 shots against two of the top goalies in the league both who were pulled. They have forechecked like crazy the last 3 games, forced turnovers, played good team defence and rolled 4 lines all game every game in dominating performances. So the question now is…




It’s never too late. They are flying high and seem to have their MoJo back. Talbot will be back from injury in a week or so, Sekera in a couple weeks. Edmonton needs to string some wins together they can’t settle for many more moral victories. It’s a big hill to climb but as I have predicted all year they will find a way and make it to the playoffs. Their record now is 13-16-2. If they can win 4 of the next 5 their record will be 17-17-2 then the season really begins. It’s been an awful start to the season but quitting is for losers and this team is stacked with winners. Hang in there folks, we’ve finally turned the corner. At least we hope anyways….. 🙂

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